Steel Grating

Gratings of Other Materials:
Stainless Steel Grating
Aluminum Grating
Fiberglass Grating

Technical Parameters of Steel Grating

Steel Grating Types:
Galvanized Steel Grating
Press Locked Steel Bar Grating
Bar Type Steel Grating
Plain Type Steel Grating

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Qindelin manufactures steel gratings, welded bar grating, expanded metal grating floor and serrated safety treading grates. As China specialist in metal grating engineering, we supply industrial flooring and stair tread utilizing a diverse range of materials, such as galvanized steel, stainless steel sus304, 316, aluminum and fiberglass.

From view of loading capacities, Qindelin grating products can be divided into open bar grating and dense mesh heavy gratings. Bar gratings are made in the plug-in type and press-lock type. Expanded metal grating has the features of whole-piece integrity. Fiberglass grating as a new material shows excellent acid and alkaline resistance and high tensile strength. To meet some specific application, Qindelin uses composite grating combining the benefits of several materials and structures. For example, aluminum checker plates are used together with welded steel grating to form a modern anti-slippery tread plates for architectures and airport stairs.

We know the materials and can meet customers most challenging demand for industrial floorings and ceiling uses. In case you need details, contact Qindelin China today.

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