Steel Grating Vent Ceilings and Suspended Aluminium Grating Ceilings

Decorative grating grilles can be used in architectural design. Going beyond their traditional roles, these metal grate grilles are now pivotal in crafting visually appealing spaces that breathe character and elegance into both exteriors and interiors of buildings.

Functionally, metal grating grilles facilitate optimal airflow, light filtration, and even act as privacy screens while ensuring security.

Grating grilles mesh can be made from various materials, including stainless steel, galvanized steel, aluminum and other metallic materials, each lending its unique texture and sheen to the design. Customizable patterns and designs available for unique ceiling decoration effect.

Aluminum Grating and Steel Grating are popularly used as ceiling panels for roof ventilation and decoration of buildings. This type of metal grates are designed with bar grating, which shows compact structure, elegant appearance, high strength, light weigth and easy installation.

Aluminium Grating Ceiling
Aluminum grating with light weight and free maintenance, is popularly used as suspended ceiling panels for shopping mall and other buildings.

Suspended aluminium grating ceiling for shopping mall
Bar size 5mm(thk) x 20mm(width), spacing 100mm centre to centre, other size available for Shopping mall projects

Galvanized Steel Grating Ceiling Grid

Steel grating metal grid 40x40x40mm in 1m x 1m panels for false ceiling

Grating Surface can be hot-dip galvanized to resist corrosion, extensively applied in industrial and civil buildings such as gymnasium, exhibition centre, supermarket, bus station, quay and airport, etc.

Hot dipped galvanized grating for exhibition center ceiling
Interior decoration steel grating ceiling

Product quality can meet all the Chinese YB4001-1991, YB/T4001-1998 standards, and British BS4592-1-1995 and American ANSI/NAAMM (MBG531-88) standard. At the same time, we can manufacture and design grating ceiling according to drawing and special customer requirements.

Samples Illustration:

Ventilation Panels Safety Roof Ceiling Ventilation Grating

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