Standard and Customized Grating Panels for Safety Stair Tread, Flooring and Culvert Construction

Qindelin offers metal standard grating with common sizes easily used in making of various modular safety flooring and platform structures in various industrial uses and roof safety materials in buildings. It is supplied in panels or deformed styles, flat surface or serrated, in light or heavy duties. Qindelin has the high-tech technique and equipment to provide high quality of gratings, it is capable of designing can make grating customized according to site requirement. Most of our machines were imported from Japan, Germany, Switzerland, etc. We have press welded (electro-forged welding) production lines with large production capability to cater to the variety of needs of customers.

Standard gratings are produced with popular sizes, specific basic materials and meeting specific standards.

Grating Size:1m*6m standard type (special size and American standard size are also customizable)

Basic Material: Low carbon steel (Q235)

Surface Treatment: Hot dip galvanizing, paint or no coating

Surface Shape: Plain, tooth shape and serrated shape

Applications: Standard steel gratings are mainly used for platforms, stair treads, decking and safety floors.

Quality Standard: (Qindelin grating products can be produced meeting one of the four standards)
Steel Grating Standard: China YB/T4001-1998
America ANSI/NAAMM (MBG531-88)
Britain BS4592-1987
Australia AS1657-1992

Steel Standard: (applied to Qindelin steel grating only, not to aluminum and other materials)China GB700-88 / ASTM (A36) / BS4306 (43A)
Hot Dip Galvanizing Standard(applied to hot dipped galvanized grating manufacture): China GB/T13912-92 / ASTM (A123) / BS729

Steel Gratings used in engineering projects, such as bridge, metro, highway construction

Heavy-duty steel bar grating with serrated bar surface, for non slippery safety tread

Standard Safety Gratings for Stair Tread and Floors:
Open Steel Grating
Plain Mild Steel Grating
Hot Dipped Steel Grating
Serrated Grating
Compound Steel Grating
Trench Grating Covers
U Channel Grating
Heavy Duty Steel Bar Grating
Light Duty Carbon Steel Grating
Grid Gratings
Plug Steel Grating
Welded Dense Grating
Steel Grating Ceilings.

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