Expanded Metal Steel Grating - Mesh Panels for Walkway Flooring, Ceiling

Expanded metal grating is the most practical and economical mesh panels to assure strength, safety, and a non-skid surface, which requires almost no maintenance. Expanded metal grating is ideal for use on plant runways, working platforms, and catwalks, as it is easily cut into irregular shapes and can be installed quickly by welding or bolting. We supply expanded steel and metal grating panels for pedestrian and light vehicle traffic and other load bearing applications. Compared with bar type gratings, expanded steel sheets offer more pattern designs.

Expanded Steel Grating serves popularly in following constructions:
Architectural facade, ceiling and other decorative uses.


Metal Grating of Galvanized Expanded Steel Mesh Sheet
Diamond hole expanded steel galvanized for grating decks
Tread and decking: Heavy duty expanded sheet, diamond opening


Roofing Ceiling Panels
Facade and ceiling decoration expanded metal grating panels
Galvanized expanded steel grating, aluminum expanded grating and stainless expanded gratings are often used in ceiling, wall and facade cladding in architectures.

Classifications of Expanded Steel according to variety of loading capacity: small, medium and heavy expanded metal mesh.

Expanded aluminum mesh, expanded steel,expanded brass mesh, expanded copper mesh, expanded stainless steel mesh, expanded nickel mesh.

Diamond, hexagonal or special shape.

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