Black Painted Carbon Steel Bar Grating Panels

Black Painted Steel Grating is the steel bar grating treated with surface painting against oxidation and prolonged service life. The advantage of painted steel grating is that the exterior color can be diversified, mostly in black painted, also in red, white, blue and gray.

Comparing of Galvanized Steel Gratings and Black Painted Steel Gratings
The surface treatment of steel grating is generally hot-dip galvanizing, electro-galvanizing, and surface painting.
The processing cost of painted steel grating is lower than that of hot-dip galvanizing, the rust resistance property is moderate compared with galvanized finish, also painted metal grating is less wearing resistant.
Painted / coated steel gratings can be spray painted with a variety of colors, specially suitable when the grating is used as decorative ceiling panels or parts of mechanical equipment, when the color of the steel grating needs to be consistent with the color requirements of the equipment.

Black Painted Steel Grating enjoys following characteristics:
High Strength, Light Structure: The solid grid pressure welding structure enable the painted steel bar gratings high load bearing, light structure and easy lifting.
Anti-corrosion surface;
Beautiful surface;
Self-cleaning: Rust resisting, snow resisting, easy to maintain a clean surface.

Grating Material
High quality low carbon steel

Painted Steel Gratings Color
Black, red, white, blue, gray and other colors


Black Painted Steel Bar Grating Panels

Black Bitumen Painted Steel Bar Grating Panels
Black bitumen painted steel bar grating, stair treads painted black


Red Painting Carbon Steel Grating

Red painted steel bar grating panels
Painted steel gratings is commonly used in machines, parts, and fencing uses.

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