We manufactures steel grating, bar gratings, architectural metal grating grilles, and metal steel structures for construction and various industrial uses.

Steel grates offer high strength, light weight, strong anti-corrosion ability, durable, self-cleaning, easy to maintain, good ventilation, allowing good flow of lighting, heat and air, non-slip, and easy to install and remove.

Steel gratings are widely used in various industries, mainly used as industrial platforms, ladder treads, handrails, passage floors, railway bridge sideways, high-altitude tower platforms, drainage ditch covers, manhole covers, road gratings, fencing, shading and shielding material in architectural and building and etc.

Steel gratings are offered non galvanized steel, black bitumen coated, galvanized or powder coated.

Steel grating is made up of cross bar and bearing baras by welded or pressure locked.
Classification according to Bearing bar´╝îdivided into flat bar grating, serrated grating, I bar grating. Flat steel bar grating is mainly for flooring sidewalk, ditch cover, stair tread, etc.
Classification according to the bar materials, grating can be carbon steel, mild carbon steel, galvanised steel, alu or stainless steel.

To order steel grating from us, following information provided will help get a timely efficient response:

Guide to Order Steel Grating
1. Need to specify the material of steel grid plate, flat steel size, surface treatment method.
2. Specify the specific requirements at the edge and opening gap.
3. Provide the size and quantity of the steel grid plate and indicate the direction of the steel grid plate (that is, the span direction, which is usually written behind and followed by "LB" to show the difference).
4. For the convenience of layout design, please provide the following information:
- all relevant dimensions.
- Support beam position, section size, channel steel opening orientation.
- position and size of removable plate, notch.
- The position and size of the fender, front guard.
5. Steel grid plate is usually priced per square meter, according to the YB/T4001-1998 standard area calculation principle, that is, according to the maximum peripheral size, including openings and gaps, see the right picture.
6. Reasonable arrangement of steel grating.

Galvanized Grating Floor Panels for Walking

Steel Grating For Ditch and Walking Way

Drain grate cover, steel grate drain covers - Trench Cover Grating

Pressure locked galv grating

Grating Channels, Flooring, Treads-drainage gratings

Main Steel Grating Materials:
Open Mesh Grating
Louvre Grating
Galvanized Steel Grating
Press Locked Steel Bar Grating
Bar Type Steel Grating
Plain Type Steel Grating
Forge Welded Steel Grating
Steel Grating Fence
Expanded Steel Grating
Safety Step Bar Grating
Plank Gratings
Checkered Plate for Tread Gratings

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