Riveted Grating for Chemical Plants and Heavy Decking - Stainless Steel Rivet Grating and Other Metallic Grates

Riveted grating is characterized by the use of high-strength rivets to join the bearing bars and crossbars. This construction method produces a very sturdy and durable metal grating, making it suitable for applications where heavy loads and impact resistance are a concern.

Riveted stainless steel grating combines the strength of riveting with the durability and corrosion resistance of stainless steel, ideal for challenging outdoor and ocean environments. Major uses include industrial flooring for plants processing chemicals, food processing facilities, various warehouse storage system, etc.

Major Applications
Mezzanine Floors: Riveted grating can be used as flooring for mezzanines, adding storage space without the need for major structural changes.

Rack Decking: Used as shelves in racking systems, riveted grating decks support heavy loads and provide ventilation for stored goods.

Walkways: Elevated walkways or maintenance paths in warehouses can be constructed using riveted grating.

Bridge Decking: In larger warehouses or distribution centers, riveted grating might be used for bridge-like structures that span aisles or connect different sections.

Riveted grating can also be used in Architecture design:
Riveted grating has a more industrial look due to the visible rivets, which might not align with the sleek, minimalist aesthetics preferred in many contemporary architectural designs.

Stainless Steel Grade 316 Riveted Grating Products

316 Stainless Steel Rivet Grate Panel
¾ X 3/16 – Plain Surface
¾ X 3/16 – Serrated Surface
1-1/4 X 1/8, Plain Surface
1-1/4 X 1/8, Serrated Surface

We also supply Rivet gratings of aluminum and galvanized steel:

Riveted Aluminum Grating: Major applications of riveted aluminum grating is in bridge decking.

Galvanized steel riveted grating is mainly used for industrial walkways, platforms, and bridge decks due to its high load-bearing capacity and longevity. while the riveted construction offers superior impact resistance.

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