Packaging of Metal Steel Grating and Component Parts for Export

Packaging steel grating and its component parts for export is a critical process that ensures the product's integrity and safety during transit. We follow stringent procedures as following to safeguard our commodities against potential damage from handling, moisture, and other environmental factors.

  • Cleaning and Inspection: Prior to packaging, each piece of steel grating and its components are thoroughly cleaned and inspected for any defects.
  • Rust Prevention: To prevent rust, especially for long sea voyages, steel gratings are often coated with a rust inhibitor or are galvanized. Additional protective coatings may be applied as necessary.
  • Palletizing: Steel gratings are commonly stacked on sturdy wooden or metal pallets. Each layer of grating is separated by protective padding, such as foam sheets or corrugated materials, to prevent abrasion.
  • Securing: The stacked gratings are then securely fastened to the pallets using metal strapping or bands. This prevents movement during handling and transport.
  • Wrapping: The palletized gratings are wrapped in heavy-duty plastic shrink wrap or industrial-grade packaging films to protect them from moisture and dust.
  • Waterproofing: For additional protection against moisture, especially for maritime shipping, the wrapped gratings may be placed in waterproof crates or covered with heavy-duty tarpaulins.
  • Labeling: Each package is clearly labeled with handling instructions, weight, dimensions, and other relevant shipping information. Labels indicating "Fragile" or "This Side Up" may also be used to guide handlers.

Component and Spare Parts Packaging:
Smaller component parts, like clips and fasteners, are usually packed in sturdy boxes or crates.
These boxes are then padded and placed on pallets, secured, and labeled similarly to the grating panels.
Parts can be bundled for transport where possible. Despatched components shall be securely wired together in bundles.
Bolts and nuts, including 5% spares, of each different size and small hardware items shall be parcelled separately with a distinguishing metal label tied to each parcel and supplied in strong bags.

Containerization: Finally, the pallets are carefully loaded into shipping containers, ensuring even weight distribution and secure placement to prevent shifting during transport.

Handling, Shipping, Delivery and Storage

The shipping mark, weight (where exceeding one tonne) and/or any other desired particulars shall be stencilled on each separate part, bundle and package.

All the bolts, washers and nuts shall be packaged and delivered in rigid, weatherproof containers.

All steel and its coatings shall be protected from damage caused by handling, storage or transportation. Adequate protection shall be provided for threads on sag rods, and any other threaded components so as to prevent damage during shipping and handling. Care shall be taken that holes and surfaces prepared for connection and the thread of bolts, anchors, mortises; etc. stay clean and undamaged.

All materials shall be stored, and handled in a manner that will prevent distortion, deterioration or damage.

All materials shall be stored well clear of the ground, on skids or timbers. These supports shall be spaced so that no damage results from deflection. Stacking of components more than three pieces high is not permitted. Steel grating and components shall be handled and stored in such a manner as to minimise the risk of surface abrasion and damage. Fasteners and small fittings shall be stored in dry conditions.


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