Checkered Steel Plate - Safety Stair Tread Plate, Diamond Plate

Checkered plate, also known as Checker Plate, Chequered Plate, is a light-weight metal sheet with a raised diamond pattern commonly used as non-slip tread plate for trucks, grating flooring, walkway for a safety flooring surface. The chequered steel sheet surfaces are protected by galvanizing and / or powder coating.

Checker Plates Capabilities
Checker Plate Thickness:2mm-8mm
Width: 600mm-1800mm
Length: 2m-12m
Tolerance:Thickness: +/-0.02mm, Width:+/-2mm
Steel material: Cot Rolled or Hot Rolled Steel


Chequered Steel Plate

Checker Plate 3/16" - 250x800 Length: 250mm, width: 800mm
Checker Plate 3/16" - 800x800 Length 800mm, width: 800mm
Mild steel plate 2500 x 1250 x 6mm checkered
Sheets of G90 Galvanized, 1/4" thick, steel checker plate. Sizing 4' x 8'
Material: Mild steel
Finish: Galvanized
Patterns: One bar, 3 bar, 5 bar diamond pattern.


Aluminum Checkered Plate

Aluminum Checker Plate 6085
Checkered Aluminum plate, 20mm thickness x 25.5m length x 3.6m width
Black aluminum checker plate, fiver bar, plate size 1200x2400mmx5mm

Checkered steel plates and aluminum plates are widely used in a variety of industrial and engineering structures for safety walking decks, stairs and flooring:
Metal constructions in building of bridges and ships;
Transmission tower,reaction tower;
Warehouse, shelves,etc.


Samples Illustration:

Galvanized Grating with Steel Chequered Plate as Surface Tread Plate
Mild steel checker plate, hot dipped galvanized, 1.4mm thickness, one bar diamond pattern, plate size 5' x 10'

Anti-Slip Checker Plate with Steel Grates to form a anti-slippery flooring

Chequered Plate Steel Standard ASTM,4.36, 5mm thickness, plate size 2400mm x 1200mm

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