Steel Bar Grating Decks for Rack Storage System

Steel bar grate decking is made of open bar mesh grate suitable for heavy loading in warehouses and other storage uses.

Bar Grating Decking Materials:

Bar grating decks for warehouse racks are commonly made from the following materials:

  • Steel: Strong and durable.
  • Galvanized Steel: Steel coated with a layer of zinc, with additional resistance to corrosion.
  • Aluminum: Light weigth and corrosion resistance. Aluminum deck gratings are ideal for applications where weight is a concern, such as in marine environments.
  • Fiberglass/FRP (Fiber-Reinforced Plastic): Non-conductive, corrosion-resistant, and can be molded into various shapes. Ideal for electrical or chemical environments.


We supply all Sizes and specifications of bar grating decks based on the requirements of the storage system and the intended loading. Common specifications include:

Bar Spacing: Typically ranges from 15/16” to 1 3/16” for standard grating.
Cross Bar Spacing: The distance between crossbars, commonly around 4".
Bar Size: Depth and thickness of the bearing bars can vary. Popular sizes include 1" x 1/8" and 1 1/4" x 3/16".


Benefits of Open Mesh Bar Grating Decks Compared with Wire Mesh Decking:

Strength and Durability: Bar grating decks often provide greater load-bearing capacity compared to wire mesh decks due to their thicker bars and sturdier construction.
Better Airflow: The open design of bar grating allows for improved airflow, which can be beneficial for specific stored items and can reduce the accumulation of dust.
Drainage: The larger gaps in bar grating can offer better drainage, making them ideal for outdoor storage or where liquid spillage is a concern.
Visibility: The open design allows for better visibility and light penetration, which can aid in warehouse management and safety.
Less Debris Accumulation: Unlike wire mesh, which might allow small debris to settle on the deck, bar grating's larger openings let smaller debris fall through.

Riveted Grating for Warehouse Decking System

Advantages in Warehouse Decking Systems:
High Load Capacity: Riveted gratings are ideal for supporting heavy loads, making them suitable for areas in warehouses where forklifts, pallet jacks, or other heavy equipment operate.

Durability: The riveted connections ensure a long service life and resist deformation under heavy use.

Slip Resistance: Many riveted gratings have a serrated surface, providing slip resistance, which is especially important in warehouses where spills or moisture may be present.

Flexibility: Riveted grating can be customized to fit specific warehouse designs or decking system needs.

Bar grating decks systems are ideal for following applications:

  • Heavy Load Storage.
  • Outdoor Storage: The ability to resist corrosion and facilitate drainage makes them suitable for outdoor environments.
  • Chemical Storage: Certain materials, like galvanized steel or aluminum, resist corrosion, making them ideal for storing chemicals.
  • Cold Storage: Improved airflow can help maintain consistent temperatures.
  • General Warehousing: For general storage needs, offering durability and ease of maintenance.

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